Who We Are & Why We Rank Diet Pills

We are a team of personal trainers, nutrition experts and weight loss bloggers working together with one common goal: to help anyone wishing to achieve and maintain a leaner body and healthier lifestyle through diet modifications and a regular workout routine.

After all, sticking to a calorically appropriate diet and consistently being active is the only healthy way to get and keep the body you want. We have been surrounded by individuals desperate to achieve their goals and were regularly seeing the struggles with weight loss, sticking to regular exercise and eating a balanced diet.

Typically, they have tried many different products with varying results, from being totally ineffective to downright scary. Some of our clients have come in with horror stories regarding side-effects caused by a product they have taken.

After repeatedly witnessing this very common struggle, we underwent individual missions to find a better way to find the best diet pills. We each began conducting years of research, eventually leading us to products that would aid our clients to not only help them develop healthier habits, but do so in a safe way.

It was during this research that we found each other and began working together, slowly discovering the biggest factors that determine which products benefit our clients most. Our annual Best Diet Pills Ranking System was born!

After several years of trial and error, we finally developed a comprehensive way to determine the best diet pills that support the necessary efforts to get in shape. Now, this knowledge is available to everyone, including you, with the launch of BestDietPills-2018.com. Our main mission? To unite everyone with a diet pill that truly helps them achieve their goals…whether it’s to reach a particular weight loss goal, or just be more active and eat healthier on a regular basis, we are confident that the rankings process we use will help you succeed!

David V. – Personal Trainer in Los Angeles, California

David trains clients with a focus on weight and shape management as well as on their athletic performance. He is experienced in assisting individuals with every fitness level, taking pride in helping his clients to set their goals, pursue them and reach them. David’s focus isn’t on reaching for extremes as much as it is geared toward making a healthy body the highest priority.

Renee H. – Nutrition Consultant in Buffalo, New York

Renee practices everything she preaches, understanding what it is to blend healthy nutrition with happy taste buds. Her personality is a combination of sugar and spice, a deeply caring and compassionate woman who has a profound understanding of the unique nutritional needs of each individual. She can give you a healthy dose of veggies with a great sense of humor at the same time. Equally, she understands time constraints and personal tastes and how a realistic diet will suit a lifestyle over the long term.

Carlos T. – Healthy Lifestyle Coach in Miami, Florida

Carlos’s perspective as a healthy lifestyle coach is to provide his clients with a supportive mentor who will work over time to assist them to use food, exercise and overall lifestyle changes to feel their best. This involves help with nutrition, fitness, weight management, relationship issues, career development, sleep hygiene and stress management. Carlos aims not to advise as to guide and support with an overall focus on quality of life.

Janet P. – Body Positivity Blogger in Los Angeles, California

Janet is a Body Positivity Blogger who first launched her popular blog site in 2008. She used the site as a platform to share her experiences, challenges and thoughts throughout her weight loss. Now, she continues to connect with people through her blog as well as over social media. She shares her tips and tricks as well as new information she has learned about building self confidence, improving self image, losing weight and boosting overall health. Janet’s main focus in life is balance. She focuses on health but not to the point of deprivation. She eats well and stays active but doesn’t forget to enjoy life, too!

Tim J. – Personal Trainer in Boulder, Colorado

Tim looks deeper than just a workout, bringing functional training into the mix. That way, every workout will have an impact on improving overall physical performance beyond the gym. Tim observes each client with care to ensure every workout will be challenging and will allow the client to learn more about him/herself along the way. This makes it possible for clients to discover how each exercise should be performed, to know why and to know what benefits to expect. He’s trained everyone from the elderly to those chained to desks throughout the week and even award-winning bodybuilders.