Alli #4 Best Diet Pill of 2018










  • Proven Effects
  • FDA Approved Ingredient
  • Meant to be used with healthy eating habits
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly


  • Associated with side effects (including some severe)
  • Most common side effects require regular/urgent bathroom
  • Can lead to certain vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies


bottle of alli diet pillsAlli is a unique over the counter weight loss product. It has managed to legally step into a territory that had never been achieved in the United States before. This is because this product is the first nonprescription diet pill in the US to be approved by the FDA and to legally include a certain amount of a drug that is considered to be a prescription medication in higher doses.

Why Use Alli?

Pronounced “AL-eye”, this pill is designed to be used by individuals who are struggling to eat an appropriate amount of fat in their diets every day.

It is designed to be used in a reduced fat diet strategy. As a fat blocker, it stops the body from absorbing some of the dietary fat a user consumes so that its caloric impact will be reduced.

Alli Ingredients

The fat blocker that comprises this diet pill is a reduced strength version of orlistat (also commonly known as Xenical). As a prescription drug, Xenical is typically sold in 120 milligram doses. However, as an over the counter pill, there is 60 milligrams of orlistat in Alli.

While Xenical is available exclusively by prescription and is meant for people who are diagnosed with obesity (with a BMI of 30 or more) or who have a BMI of 27 to 29 and are overweight with additional health risk factors such as diabetes or heart disease, the over the counter version’s regulations are considerably different. In the case of Alli, far more people have access.

Alli Precautions

While it would be easy to assume that because this pill is approved for over the counter sale, it’s appropriate for anyone, that isn’t the case. Instead, this pill has some exceptions for its users. It is designed for healthy individuals aged 18 years or more. Like its prescription strength counterpart, it must be used alongside a reduced calorie, low fat diet and with regular exercise in order to be safe and effective.

Even though Alli contains half the orlistat of its prescription counterpart, there are still some drawbacks to using this drug of which you should be aware before using it. In 2010, the FDA revised both the over the counter and prescription drug labels to caution users against risks of liver injury. Symptoms of liver injury include: loss of appetite, itching, yellowing of the skin and/or eyes, light colored stool and brown urine.

Failing to reduce fat intake when using this pill can also lead to some unwanted side effects such as: oily stools, oily anal discharge, gas with oily discharge, frequent bowel movements, hard to control or urgent bowel movements. Other possible side effects include back pain, headache and upper respiratory tract infection.

Even though Alli doesn’t require a prescription, it’s still a very good idea to speak with your doctor to discuss its advantages and drawbacks for you before you use it.

Final Alli Ranking Calculations

Here’s the breakdown of how we ranked TRIMTHIN X700. For more information about our ranking system, visit our page about How We Decide On the Best Diet Pill Rankings.

Alli Total Score: 9.4/10

Ingredient Safety

• Possibly Unsafe Ingredients: 2 points deducted because orlistat has been associated with a spectrum of side effects from mild to severe ( and interacts with 178 other medications (,alli.html)
• Banned Ingredients: No deductions.
• Ingredients studied and proven safe: 0.1 point added because orlistat has been studied and found safe when used appropriately while under a doctor’s supervision. (

Formula Effectiveness

• Ingredients not studied in reputable clinical research: No deductions.
• Ingredients proven ineffective: No deductions.
• Ingredients shown in reputable studies to be potentially beneficial to weight loss: No additions.
• Ingredients clinically proven for weight loss in reputable research: 0.3 points added as Alli (orlistat) has been studied and is FDA approved as an obesity drug (

Overall Alli User Reviews

• Average user rating: 1 point added for an average user review of 4 stars or higher.

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