Reasons Your Low Carb Diet Isn’t Working

Top 3 Reasons Your Low Carb Diet Isn’t Working

There are few things more frustrating than when you work hard, and your low carb diet isn’t working. After all the changes you’ve made, the learning you’ve done, and the sacrifices, the number on the scale just won’t fall. Unfortunately, the answer to why your low carb diet isn’t working is likely a complex one. […]

Before Intermittent Fasting

Read This BEFORE Your Intermittent Fasting Begins!

Intermittent fasting is hot right now in weight loss and wellness circles. That said, while many people who use it properly are seeing fantastic results, that isn’t the case for everyone. It’s easy to misunderstand what is involved with this technique. Intermittent fasting doesn’t just mean going without eating for a long time to make […]

Why a Smart Bathroom Scale

Learn More than Your Weight with a Smart Bathroom Scale

Ever heard of a smart bathroom scale? The odds are that if you have a way to measure your weight, it’s in the form of a traditional analog or digital variety. That said, that’s likely all it does. It weighs you…or your dog…or that huge package you want to take to the post office. Still, […]